sigma engineering Late Models

A Late Model is pretty close in appearance to what you see in NASCAR. The tires you see on these cars have no tread, called “racing slicks” and are required to be Hoosier Tires with 15” wheels and 8” width. The wheel base is 108” minimum and the motor specifications are “any production or approved crate motor.” The Late Models are suspended on normal coil or leaf springs with no independent or coil over suspension. The minimum weight for this class is 2900 lbs with driver. A full roll cage and safety equipment are mandatory. This class uses 2-way radio communication between spotter and driver. They are drive at speeds of approximately 60 MPH, but they can reach 80-90 MPH on the straight-aways.


Get It In Gear Street Stocks

A Street Stock is a stock appearing sedan years 1968 or newer. Most cars are Camaros, Novas and Monte Carlos. The engines must be a small block production Chevrolet, Ford or Dodge, common to the make of the car and very few engine modifications are allowed. They have a minimum wheel base of 108” and must weigh 3300 lbs with the driver. All other approved sedans with a minimum 111” wheel base must weigh at least 3200 lbs with the driver. The tires are a treaded Hoosier 700 racing tire on 8” wide wheels. Street Stocks will race at a speed of approximately 50 MPH, while obtaining speeds of 60-70 MPH on the straight-aways.

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Havasu Wiring Outlaw Karts & Animal Outlaws

The Outlaw Kart Division is for up and coming racers who want to experience Dirt Racing.  Learning Kart control on dirt along with throttle control will help the young drivers when they move up in class.  We have two age brackets.  5-8 years old and 8-13 years old.  The beginner class is a Bandit Class with a Honda Clone engine with speeds of up to 25-30 mph and the Experienced class is an Outlaw Kart with aBriggs and Stratton Racing Animal Engine with speeds up to 45 mph. These karts race on a 1/16 mile dirt oval built within the infield of our 1/4 mile asphalt oval.


Sam Nichols Electrical Factory Stocks

The Factory Stocks are our entry-level class, and as the name implies, they are to be stock 1960 or newer sedans or station wagons, with no modifications and a minimum 110” wheelbase. Engines must be stock V-8 or V-6 factory production type, common to the make and model of the car used. Tires must be stock per manufacturers’ specifications with a maximum 7’ wheel. No racing tires are allowed. Full roll cages and safety equipment is mandatory and 2-way radio communication is NOT allowed in this class. These cars average about 50 MPH during races.


pony stocks

The Pony Stock car is any 2-wheel drive 1970 or newer American or Foreign 2 or 4 door hardtop car. The engine must be a stock 4 cylinder for the year make and model. The minimum weight must be 2265 pounds with max 57% left side weight. There is a minimum wheelbase of 90” and maximum overall width of 64” from the inside wheel to outside of wheel. The tires are a smooth thread Goodyear D2525 racing tire. Full roll cages and safety equipment are mandatory and this class uses 2-way radio communication between spotter and driver. Pony Stocks will race at a speed of approximately 50 MPH, while obtaining speeds of 60-70 MPH on the straight-aways.


The Office Cocktail Lounge Bandoleros

The Bandoleros are commonly referred to as “Bandos.” This division is only for the up and coming young racers in the age group of 8-16 years old. The cars are powered by Briggs and Stratton motors and are driven at speeds of approximately 50 MPH at Havasu 95 Speedway. The rules for this division are dictated by US Legend Car International.



The Modified race car may not make it easy to identify by make or model but the open wheel (wheels not protected by fenders) body style, which is designed for optimum use of dynamics for down force, helps with its distinction. The wheelbase is 108” minimum and the motors are pretty much unlimited. The tires are a treaded Hoosier 700 tire and are mounted on 8.75” wide wheels. Minimum weight is 2,500 lbs with the driver. Full roll cages and safety equipment are mandatory and this class uses 2-way radio communication between spotter and driver. Speeds of 80-90 MPH can easily be reached on the straight-aways, while an average speed is approximately 60 MPH.


Vintage Sprints & Midgets

The Arizona Vintage Racing Association is an organization whose purpose is to race old racecars.  While not prohibiting any type of car, they are mostly Sprint cars, although there are several track roadsters, midgets and a few super modifieds that race with them also.  Caged cars and non-caged cars older then 1975 are acceptable.  However, installing cages on non-caged cars is recommended. The intent is to give the owners of old racecars the chance to get out on the track and have some fun.